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  1. Yes still available. PM me if interested to discuss. Thx.
  2. Original grip already removed & replaced with pictured blue grip.
  3. Babolat Pure Drive (current version) Grip 2 with original cover Very good condition, with 2 obvious but small paint scratches (see pictures) Strung with Head Lynx 17 @ 54lbs Asking $900
  4. Babolat Pure Drive (current version) extremely good condition Grip 3; Head Lynx 17 @ 56lbs; Original cover included Asking $900
  5. Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 Grip 2 with original cover Very good condition, no significant scratches or cracks, but you may want to replace grip Asking $400
  6. The Dunlop Revelation 200G Pro is the successor to the legendary Dunlop Max 200G (used by McEnroe & Graf) Rough specs (from various postings) - 95" headsize; 340g (strung); 18x20 string pattern; 65 flex; Grip 3 Very good condition with recently replaced base-grip (Artengo) Good for collectors or those interested in a heavier "classic" (soft feel & control) Asking $500 o.b.o.
  7. Dunlop M-Fil 500 https://www.rackexxxxxxx Very good condition. Original Cover included. With new replacement grip (Artengo) Asking $200 o.b.o.