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  1. Venue: 彩虹坪石遊樂場 Time: 26/6 (禮拜六) 21:00 - 23:00 Fee: 場地 及 一筒 Slazenger 平分 Level: ~3 Vacancy: 2 Please PM
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    New Kowloon Tennis Signal Group

    Hi, just created a new Signal tennis group for Kowloon buddies. Please feel free to join. https://signal.group/#CjQKIBdByxFMaisHqoeDN4MKaIHeB_A9aGYOivEFPZ5ioYf2EhC1OXmfDMQvzp5s0yBky78j
  3. 大家好,很久沒有打,最近希望做多少少運動。 誠徵九龍波友,詳情如下 Level: 3-3.5 or below (Beginner to Intermediate) Time: Weekdays Morning/ Afternoon Start: May 2021 Venue: Negotiate Note: Share 場租 (Normally HKD 50-60 /hr) 及網球費用 (Normally HKD 9-10 /ball) 我會開新 WhatsApp Group,如有興趣可以 inbox 我 Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.