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Racquet collector:(Brand New) Federer signature (4 hole PWS) paintjob ncod L3

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[align=left]This is so so so rare Roger Federer's BRAND NEW racquet very hard to find, if you are federer fans please don't missed it [/align][align=left]

[/align][align=left]Federer protype version:[/align][align=left]4 cross strings at the PWS. In otherwords, there are 4 drill holes on the PWS at 3 and 9 o'clock. [/align][align=left]These 4 cross strings feature the samespacing, i.e., they are of same distance apart from each other. [/align][align=left]These are different than the retail N90 andare not compatible with the retail N90[/align][align=left]

[/align][align=left]Retail Ndoce 90 :[/align][align=left]5 crossstrings/drill holes at the PWS. [/align][align=left]The cross stringsfeature differential spacing. [/align][align=left]The retail N90grommets would not fit on the custom Federer model.[/align][align=left]

[/align][align=left]Condition: BRAND NEW[/align][align=left]Around 349-350 gram(unstring)[/align][align=left]Grip: L3 (4 8/3) Federer choose grip size[/align][align=left]









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I have for sale what is indisputably considered as the "holy grail" of all tennis racket collectibles - Roger Federer's actual, personalized tennis racket dating from 2006. Make no mistake. This is NOT a retail Wilson nCode nSix-One Tour 90 (i.e., N90). This is Roger Federer's personal, custom N90 paintjob frame with rare silver "W" logo from 2006.


This racket is from the Wilson Pro Room and is brand new, unstrung, never-used, and never-circulated to the public. This is part of Roger Federer's exclusive inventory to be used in the year 2006. The grip size (of course) is 4 3/8 No. 3, Federer's grip size of choice.


As you can see, this is NOT RETAIL. This is professional stock (i.e., PRO STOCK) custom-made for Roger Federer himself to be used in the 2006 tennis season.


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