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Yonex DR 98 310g G3

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Hello, I have a pair of Yonex DR 98 310g in Grip 3.  Both strung with Yonex Poly Pro Tour @ 54lbs.  This is a very popular racket that has a cult following, I'm sure if you are looking for one you know all about it.  These were used as my primary racket for a little over a year.  Never abused but I played league and regular tennis with these so there is some signs of wear.  There are some scratches particularly in the 10 and 2 o'clock positions as this is common from the backhand slice.  The rest of the frame has minor scratches.  I bought these brand new from wan kee so I'm the original owner.  These definitely have plenty more life in them.  I just moved house and Im trying to clean up some things I don't use anymore.  Please PM me if you have any questions.  Thanks.

HKD 400 each (x1)

HKD 700 both (x2)





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